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the thing is...

My name's Sandy. In October of 2015, my wife and I became parents of three identical girls. We already had a two year-old boy.

This last year has been the strangest, greatest, craziest, boringest, changiest time in my life, and I kept a randomly updated journal while living it. Now I'm putting it up for people to read. Maybe you'll find it interesting. And if you're a parent who has or is about to have multiples, maybe you'll find it useful. I don't know!


This is also the story of a semi-pro music guy putting to bed his long-time addiction, and all the feelings that came from that. I did one last record with my band Indicator Indicator in the thick of things last year.  It's coming out this fall and then I'm done for a while.



The title of each post is the date it was originally written.  There's a fresh post or two every Thursday.

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