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November Fifth, Two Thousand Fifteen

And, just like that, we’re now fully and truly in it. All three girls have been brought home. Settling into a routine. 2, 5, 8, 11 AM & PM, change them, feed them, calm them, pump, clean, put them down.

Sadie is noticeably larger than Martha, who is noticeably larger than Ellie. Sadie feels like a newborn. Ellie feels premature. But they are all of the same temperament - calm, placid, a bit grunty but never really fussy. If they finally worked up a cry it’s because they’re hungry. If they’re a-gruntin' after a feed, we can hold them for 10 minutes and they fall asleep.

They all sleep facing the same way, they’re heads to the right. Everything about them is incredibly identical of course, but it’s their little hairlines that really tell the tale - how it cuts just so towards the face near the ear and then back again. Every follicle in it’s right place. They are beautiful creatures.

In unrelated news, I’m starting my dad-beard and it is itchy.


The nights are fine. Things honestly couldn’t be going better so far, really. We each get about 6 hours a night, but very broken up. I do wonder what the long-term effect of only sleeping in 2 hour chunks will be. Will we both just suddenly keel over one day?

No matter. Oh, bless them, they do sleep. But because Gill has to pump every three hours, it seems only fair that we both just get up and do the routine. At least then it’s done in thirty minutes. Still, it's a bit trying that we BOTH must get up every 2 hours, but whatever. Maybe I’ll start transitioning into the night nurse. Sleep all day. Reading and video games and babies all night.


Back when I worked Autopac in a mall I would notice that elderly people made a very big deal about renewing their driver’s licences. They would call in advance to make sure we’re open, they would show up exactly at 8:30AM and they’d usually take about four times longer than any other clients - asking questions, paying in exact cash, grab a free calendar and candy, etc.

I realized it’s because that’s their task for the day. It’s been on the calendar for a couple months, and now the day is here and this is an event for them. Because they don’t have much else going on.

It’s been only two weeks of laying low and I can already appreciate the mindset. Today feels “busy” because I have a lunch with my label and then two friends are coming over at 2:30 to drop off dinner. I don’t know if we’ll be able to fit it all in. Even writing these journal posts feel like ‘events’ - and we’re talking 15 minutes of clacking at a computer. Relativity indeed.

Oh, and Oz is sick. Should only be a matter of time before the other 5 (!?!) of us catch on. That’s going to be terrible.

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